Headshot of Melinda Golden

Hi there! I'm Melinda Golden, a software developer based in Asheville, NC. With over seven years of experience in front-end development, I specialize in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Vue. What I love most about web development is the ability to bring designs to life and create something beautiful from scratch. I have a keen eye for design and thoroughly enjoy coding a stunning UI.

My interest in web development began when I built a website for my wedding photography business using WordPress. From there, I began teaching myself to code and eventually transitioned to working at a web design company. I completed an online coding boot camp in full-stack JavaScript, and have been working as a software developer ever since.

In my free time, I like to work on projects and continue learning. I attend local tech meets regularly and even organize a local meetup for women in technology. I've also volunteered to speak and give presentations to share my knowledge with other developers. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, kayaking, and painting.

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