Melinda Golden standing on rock

Hi, my name is Melinda Golden. I’m a front-end developer based in Asheville, NC. I have experience with Vue, React, TypeScript, Apollo, and GraphQL. What I enjoy about development is bringing together design with code. There isn’t a better feeling than creating something from nothing. I get excited about coding a beautiful UI, and I can honestly say that I love CSS. That’s why I specialize in front-end development.

Before I got into software development, I owned my own wedding photography business. I began teaching myself how to build websites with WordPress. Then, I started working at a web design company as a web developer and stayed there for three years. While working full-time, I completed an online bootcamp in full-stack JavaScript.

While I spend much of my free time learning, I regularly attend local tech meetups. I am the organizer for the Asheville Women in Tech meetup. I have volunteered to give presentations about JavaScript and share my knowledge with other developers. Besides coding, I enjoy traveling, hiking, kayaking, and photography.